'Trash of all nations'

Bill Bartlett (Australia)

Oh there's trash in every nation

And there's trash on every side

There's trash outside your window

When you look outside

There's trash outside your Volvo

When you take a ride

They're knocking at your door

And they want to come inside

Yes there's trash in every nation

And they're sick of being trash

They're sick of being tortured

They're sick of being bashed

They're sick of being lied to

As though they cannot see

They're sick of living slavery

And being told they 're free

Oh there's trash upon your TV set

Being beaten up by cops

Some of them are fighting back,

Some are throwing rocks

Some of us are laughing

Though we haven't got a hope

I'd hate to be a cynic

Broken, numbed and doped

Oh there's trash outside your courtrooms

And there's trash inside your jails

There's trash inside the unions

And there's more beyond the pale

They're living lives outside your laws

Your police are in vain

Well scorn to live in slavery

Bound by iron chains