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Reflections and links to reality

ALL of us have started to fight for freedom in our early days, with the caretakers who used to feed and care for us as babies. They held us - and restricted our free movements... and we fought and protested and was frustrated... and many time curbed a little the measure of coercion.

The origins of conformist are rooted in those early days, but so are these of rebellion. The conflict between the two modes continue all along life. It prevents complete surrender and submission but it also hinder the fight for freedom of the rebels.

The sub conscious memories of surrender and submission from those early days and later in life, are like police personnel in the head. They influence our whole life as they disturb and destroy many times the effectiveness and joy of rebellion.

The restrictions caused by them are called "inhibitions" "uneasiness" "neuroticism" and other bad names, but they are really just police persons which dwell in our heads.

Luckily the police forces in the head are not so deep underground and not so successfully camouflaged. Their activity is usually accompanied by various unpleasant feelings and sensations (felt sense)... and using them one can get rid of part of them or at least diminish their effect.

Whenever you pay attention to these felt sense, the memories are rearranged and many of the ancient and no more relevant ones loose their power to destroy the fun.

So, start to pay serious attention to the bodily sensations and get the police out of your head!!!!!!!!

Anarchism - from opposition to alternative

Anarchism is not chaos. Mainstream politically active anarchists (also known as libertarian socialists or libertarian communists) want an organized society. But we want it organized on entirely different basis than what we have now.

We dislike the present system - capitalist order, in which most of us are alienated, class divided, nationally suspicious, consuming wildly and suffering unnecessarily. The present capitalist order, in which a small capitalist minority exploits the working people, is something we cannot tolerate.

We want a modern society free of exploitation and oppression - no longer divided into exploiters and exploited. We want a modern society in which free people, organized in communities, will produce only what they really need and will have more free time to enjoy life. It will be egalitarian society where the power to make decisions is in the hands of all people. All decisions will be reached by the participation of all affected by them.

NO ONE will have the *right* to make political decisions for others. The responsibility to implement previously decided matters in daily life, when impossible or impractical to be shared by all, will be in the hands of delegates representing their communities and not their own unique opinions. These delegates will not be professionals but common people who continue to do their regular work as before. Their only benefit will be the trust of their communities.

All individuals whose decisions and regular work are relevant to the freedom or wellbeing of others, will do it according to the community guidelines and will be at all times accountable to their community.


The state is the means used by the capitalist class to mold society to serve its needs. It cannot be transformed from within to achieve a classless egalitarian order or to serve it after such society has been achieved by other means.

The few Social-Democratic parties who tried to change society - in a less radical way which threatened the capitalist order, only succeeded to arouse the fascism. (Fascism is not a disease. It is just the naked power of the capitalist, used to protect their system when it is in danger.)

All of the Social-Democratic activists of the developed countries succeeded only to integrate themselves into the capitalist system. The few concessions of the "welfare state" they forced the capitalists to make, are in the process of being snatched back. The ruling elites of these countries feels more powerful and less threatened after the collapse of state-capitalism of the third word countries like Russia and China.


Revolutionary socialists (communists) who were not free from the elitist capitalist opinions about the working people, tried in the past a revolutionary take over from the capitalists. They did it in the name of the working class. They took the means of production and all state organizations from the class of the capitalists - and kept them in their own hands.

As they were organized before revolution in an undemocratic centralist manner, and because they continue in this way after they conquered the state - they did not succeeded in building an egalitarian communist society. Their undemocratic bureaucratic centralism succeed to transform, for a while, their countries into a kind of state capitalism.

The revolutionaries who openly resisted the usurpation of economic and political power by the bureaucrats - anarchist and other kinds of libertarian communists were persecuted. The less persistent ones changed into passive and disorganized opposition or integrated themselves into the new bureaucratic capitalist class.


Social anarchists are sure that only a political organization of activists, which is based from the begining on direct democracy, (managed from the beginning by a system of recallable delegates) will succeed in promoting the idea of, and struggle for, a new society.

We believe that only a struggle promoted by this kind of organization can bring about the revolt of the masses of the working class to a successful victory.

We believe that the revolutionary change of society into an egalitarian community of communes of free and non-alienated people is possible. We are also sure that this kind of revolution will not deteriorate into a bureaucratic state capitalism if the masses of the working people do not let any minority - under any pretext - to snatch political and economical power for themselves.

The middle class - myths mystification and fallacy

In the society of the capitalist era, the main conflict and contradiction is between the ones who have (or manage) the capital and the ones who supply the work power. The social strata who supply the work are usually called the working class and these who have the capital - the capitalist class. The working class members whose work produce the commodities and supply the various services strive to get the biggest share from the fruits of their work. the capitalist class try to make the workers get as little as possible so they get as bigger share as they can from the work of others.

The part the workers get is mostly in the form of wages or salary, The part the capitalist get is usually called "profit" (or bonus and very high salary) and "surplus value" (as it is what remains from the values created by the working class after the portion they get from it was deducted).

Part of the "brain washing" done by the capitalists and their minor partners to the members of the working class is in order to mask the origin of the profits. Among the "brain washing" tactics a prominent place is for those who use scientific jargon to mask the above facts. Part of the efforts are dedicated to the masking of the fact that the profits of the capitalists is in essence the surplus value resulting from the fact that the workers get less than what they create. Other part, in a joint project with the previous, try to confuse the fact that the main contradiction in the capitalist countries and in the other parts of the world as well, is between those who are exploited - get less than the value of their work and the exploiters who receive the surplus value. (Usually much more than the fruits created by their work if they do any needed work at all.)

The use of the social category "middle class" try - and many times succeed to confuse the fact that on the continuum between the majority of the exploited working people and the minority of the exploiters, the middle point of those who get the exact value of their work is populated by negligible portion of the population. The majority of them are usually in this point only temporary. Only a minority of them succeed to become part of the exploiters, the majority drop in the long run to the exploited position.

Even in modern world, the efforts to get what is needed for the survival of life is the main endeavour for most people. The diverging line between those who get only a part of the fruits of their work and these who obtain significant portions of their needs from the work of others is the most significant demarcation line and thus, clear cut.

The fact that people do not know if they are on this side of the line or the other, or pretend to be on the other side from where thy are really on, does not change the fact. It can only confuse the persons involved. The use of the term "middle class" is the result of the efforts to confuse the more successful members of the working class and nurse in them the false idea that their interests are not in common with the less successful of the working class. For this "holly cause" they easily scarify the prestige and "honor" of the less affluent of the capitalist class by saying that they are "only middle class" and not of the upper one.

Few of the most confusing claims to justify the use of the term "middle class" are about ownership of capital - as if the main thing is not the surplus value one get. The self employed people who many time get less than the average workers are creating surplus values for the capitalist class. The high ranking employees who manage the capital of others and do for them the dirty work of exploitation of the working class, are rewarded generously from the fund of surplus values. Thus they are included in the capitalist class, even if their membership is sometime less secure than that of owners of capital.

And there are the working class members who are recruited by the capitalist dominated system to protect it against the exploited. The fruits of their work is non. They are paid by portions of the surplus value of those who do a real needed work... But even among them, the great majority get for their pains less than the fruits of the work of the average workers and thus exploited too. They may be the main immediate enemy of the working class, but being part of it they still remain.

Belonging to one class or the other is an objective fact, easy to discern: either one is exploited - creating surplus value for others and is a working class member, or, one get in addition to the fruits of one's work significant amounts of surplus values created by others - and is an exploiter. Class membership is an objective fact and not an honor bestowed on those worth it or the application of the right for self determination.


More about the anarchist criticism of the capitalist order, the various anarchist trends and the organizations of contemporary revolutionairs can be found in the following links.



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The first international encounter "For humanity and against neoliberalism" was held in Chiapas Mexico - July-August 1996.

The second international encounter will be held in Spain. It will start in Madrid 26th July 1997 and will end there in the third of August.

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